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Beeswax Wraps to Help You Decrease Plastic Waste

Eliminate Plastic Waste | Save Money | Eat Fresher Food

Do You Struggle Trying to Reduce Plastic Waste?

Are you feeling guilty for consuming so much plastic?


Do you want to be a better example for your kids and family?


Is eating fresh important to you?


Are you feeling responsible for the choices you make?


Do you think that everyone deserves a cleaner environment?


And you still need to wrap that sandwich, store leftovers or put that expensive cheese somewhere so it won't go bad in a day?

Welcome to the club.

I understand how it feels.

Deep inside us, we all have what I call A Moral Compass (or alarm!) that lets us know whether we do right or wrong.

Now that I am a happy mom, that Compass became so sensitive.

My sole aim is to provide the best for my family and make sure my kid eats fresh and is exposed to the principles of healthy, conscious living.

If you are like me and the people I serve, you must feel terrible wrapping your kids’ lunch in that plastic wrap.

Or using just another meter of plastic cling to cover the leftovers before you put them in the fridge for the night.

Nobody should experience a situation like that.

And some people choose not to.

Your Easy Plastic Reduction Plan

1. Pick your favorite beeswax wrap.

2. Wrap up a piece of cheese, fruit, and vegetables, bread, or cover a bowl with leftovers.

3. Enjoy your fresh food.

My Promise to You

Premium Quality and 100% Handmade

We Use Cotton Fabric That Was Certified with Global Organic Textile Standard

Unique and Original Limited Edition Pattern Designs

Plastic-free and Eco-friendly Paper Packaging

Fresher Food on Your Table

More Money in Your Pocket

Do not risk overspending on single-use and non-recyclable plastic products.

Guilt about not be the best example to your kids and anxiety that follows have not done any good for anyone.

Create your plastic-free kitchen where you put the food on the table with confidence.

Enjoy the high-quality living you deserve.

Teach your kids conscious living principles by example.

Because you know what is right.

Now put it into action.

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