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Wholesale availability

All beeswax wraps are available wholesale. 
Drop me a message and I will get back to you in a few days with an offer.

How do I clean my beeswax wrap?

#1 Use damp cotton cloth for regular cleaning

Even though Cerawraps are designed in a way you could wash them over running water, honestly, you do not need to do that every time you use it. 

If you wrap bread or cookies, there would be only breadcrumbs or some traces of flour left on your wrap. To clean those, simply brush the wrap with a damp kitchen cloth.

#2 If you have to wash it, use lukewarm water

Lukewarm or cold water will do the job without melting the wrap down. After you wash it, hang it to dry. And it is ready to be used again!

Can I use regular dish soap for cleaning the wrap?

Yes, but make sure you use plenty of water when rinsing.

Are there products that you would not recommend wrapping in Cerawrap beeswax wraps?

For the hygiene reasons, I wouldn't wrap raw meat and raw fish. It is simply because all the surfaces that had direct contact with raw meat and fish have to be washed under steaming hot water.

Acidic products like lime halves could eat the wrap over time. So it is better to put those acidic fruits in a bowl and then cover it with the wrap. This way your wrap will last longer.

Can I use Cerawrap wraps in the fridge?


Can I use your wraps in the freezer?

Yes, yet after taking it out of the freezer, I would give the wrap a few minutes to adjust to the room temperature. So when I unwrap it, it unwraps nicely and smoothly.

This would preserve the elasticity of the wrap so you can enjoy it for longer.

Can I use your wraps in the microwave?

No. It will melt them down.

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