Cerawraps – beeswax wraps help to keep food

fresh for longer and reduce the amount of plastic in your kitchen

Cerawrap is an environmental friendly alternative to cling wrap, which you may be using to wrap your sandwiches or cover dinner leftovers.

BUT Zero plastic.

Regular cling wrapis non-recyclable, non-compostable, it may take hundreds of years to decompose.

It is one of the most commonly found wastes entering the oceans, lakes and our immediate surroundings.

Our beeswax wraps, in contrast to the usual cling film for food:

Keep food fresh for longer

Bakery, cheese, vegetable and herbs stay fresh for longer, will not lose humidity, remain flavorful and tasty


Our beeswax wraps are produced from environmental and human friendly materials, such as beeswax and GOTS certified cotton. At the end of its life, Cerawrap is compostable and biodegradable


If properly taken care, our beeswax wraps may be used from a few months up to one year. Universal, easy to use and easy to care for.

It is easy to use Cerawrap:


Take the beeswax wrap in your hands. It is elastic and adhesive. It may be a bit stiff in the beginning. Flex it and warm it a few seconds with your hands.



Wrap a piece of cheese, bread, fruit or vegetable, sealing the sides. They will stay fresh longer. Also you can cover a bowl or a box with the leftovers.

Žaliom žolelėm margintas didelis Vaškainis


After using, clean the beeswax wrap with a humid cloth or wash it under lukewarm water. Pat it dry and use it again. And again.


You can use our Cerawrap:

For baked goods

Beeswax wraps keeps pastry, cookies, pies and bread fresh for longer. Our bags or XL wraps can even fit a piece of baguette!

For cheese

Cheese wrapped in a Cerawrap will keep their flavour and not dry out so quickly.

For vegetables

Vegetables packed in beeswax wraps will not wilt so fast and keep their fresh look and taste for longer.

For fruit

Extend your cut fruit’s life by wrapping halfs or pieces of fruit in a Cerawrap and put in in the fridge. Works well with avocado, melon or lemon.

For herbs

Dill, mint, rosemary and other herbs will remain flavorful, if you water them and wrap in a Cerawrap.

For leftovers

Seal a bowl with the leftovers from dinner with a beeswax wrap and you will keep smells from getting in and out. They will also stay fresh.

Why beeswax wraps keep food fresh for longer?

The secret to the success of our beeswax wraps is the ingredients and manufacturing technology


sulaiko drėgmę, pasižymi antibakterinėmis savybėmis. Dėl to kepiniai, sūriai ir daržovės ilgiau išlieka švieži.

GOTS certified cotton

Is the basis of our Cerawrap. Special type of textile ensures longevity of the product.

Pine resin

Provides firmness and stickiness – our beeswax wrap is elastic and sticky, which is why it is easy to use it for wrapping around or over products and dishes.

Jojoba oil

Ensures that Cerawrap is elastic, lengthens its durability.

Innovative manufacturing technology of Cerawrap allows us to create a long serving qualitative product.

Cerawrap (Vaškainis) has been recognized as the most innovative young manufacturing business by "BZN start" Business Women Awards in Lithuania..

Cerawrap has found its place in many kitchens already.